thank you, and very chilling, and I think the embedding of journalists with the Israeli army is out of the question. I remember Judith Miller, an American NY Times reporter, who was "embedded" with the US army, in I think, Iraq. She was a nightmare...I've heard on Instagram that sometimes journalists in Gaza were warned to remove their blue "press " logos from their clothing; they were safer without them.

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It is so hard to hit the heart on this article. Its obvious that Israel can't guarantee journalist safety, and having them embed curtails what is shown and reported. Israel has to be hugely aware on the ramifications of what news about this war is doing to their image and support.

On the other hand, it seems like an absurdly large number of journalists have been reported killed. Without verified and unbiased data its impossible to accept. I don't believe any numbers that come from Hamas - they have no reason to tell the truth. To them, anybody will a cellphone camera may be a "journalist." I'm sure the number of legitimate journalists killed and injured is larger than normal, this is a different kind of war to report.

But without question, the journalists who are there and reporting the truth, deserve our deepest thanks and every safety possible.

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