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She articulates what her life was like so vividly you can actually feel her anguish. But I don't think you need to be in a cult to feel how she felt, like she would never fit in, like people were staring at her and judging her.

I also have a question. Why are all cults run by men? I can't think of any started by women.

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Thank you for highlighting the devastation that cults inflict on people and kudos to this brave survivors who Got Out. Just listened to another fascinating episode of The Influence Continuum podcast with Steven Hassan where he interviewed another cult-survivor now-therapist about the need for therapists to be trained about cults so they can effectively help survivors regain their authentic self and THEN help them heal from all their trauma. Otherwise the therapists can be doing the absolute wrong thing while trying to help ex-cult members.

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The most different, unique writing............... Totally unique, rebellious woman

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